Advance Praise


Cover illustration by Sherril Wang

“A lucid and compelling history, Curating Revolution brings Mao-era exhibits to life in vivid, tangible, and deeply human detail. Ho’s thoughtful analysis of these “object lessons” and the purposes they served illuminates as never before the profound relationship between ideology and materiality in Mao-era political culture. In the process, the familiar categories of revolution, history, culture, propaganda, and participation all take on new and rich significance.”

— Sigrid Schmalzer, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Exhibitionary culture was interwoven into the very fabric of daily life in Mao’s China. Ho tells a fascinating story about the people who shaped that culture—curators, collectors, workers, teachers, schoolchildren, docents, and urban residents—and she does it with exceptional scholarship and rich use of archival sources.

— Kirk A. Denton, The Ohio State University

“China under Mao tried harder than any state in history to inculcate a new consciousness in its citizens. Curating Revolution creatively bridges institutional studies of mass campaigns and oral histories to reveal how the use of objects and exhibitions narrated the past, explained the present, and awakened viewers to defend the revolution.”

— Karl Gerth, University of California, San Diego

“A wonderful study, chock full of new information gleaned from impressive archival, documentary, and interview sources.  The theme of using exhibitions to ‘make revolution’ is clearly and convincingly developed.  Curating Revolution is destined to be an important book.”

— Elizabeth J. Perry, Harvard University