Graduate and Dissertation Committees

Mark Baker (History Ph.D. 2017), “City Limits on China’s Central Plains: Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, and the Making of Spatial Inequality, 1900-1960.”

Huasha Zhang (History Ph.D., 2019), “Our Kind of Tibetans: The Political Life and Times of Liu Manqing, 1906-1942.”

Po-hsi Chen (E.A.L.L. Ph.D., 2020), “Socialism on One Island: A Genealogy of the Pro-Unification Literary Discourse in Taiwan.”

Simone Glasl (E.A.L.L. Ph.D., 2021), “In the Place of Others: Sympathy in Modern Chinese Literature and Literary Criticism from the 1910s to the 1950s.”

Gavin Healy (History (Columbia University) Ph.D., 2021), “The Political and Cultural Economy of Sightseeing: Foreign Tourism in the New China, 1949-1978.”

Jingwen Li (M.A. East Asian Studies, 2021), “The Technique of Vocal Broadcasting in China, 1930-1950.”

Bo An (E.A.L.L. Ph.D. candidate), “Modeled Modernity: A Critical History of Computing in the People’s Republic of China, 1949-2000.”

Dihao Zhou (E.A.L.L. Ph.D. candidate), “Kehuan in the 1980s: Negotiating a Literary Genre about Science in a Changing China.”

Additional committees include Qualifying Examinations for Modern Chinese History.