China/Asian Studies

“‘Revolution’ is one of the keywords in the Chinese historical discourse of the twentieth century. In Curating Revolution, Denise Y. Ho offers a rich picture of the role culture played in harnessing the state’s discourse in the Mao era…cultural exhibitions, by displaying Maoist state ideology, offered a public space to educate and mobilize people to take part in the revolution…The book makes major contributions to the study of Mao-era politics of culture and its role in creating China’s socialist political culture.”

Yujie Zhu, The China Journal

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“The field of People’s Republic of China (PRC) studies could not ask for a finer contribution than this sharp analysis of political power, subtle exploration of lived experience, and beautifully wrought portrait of Mao-era material culture…The result is a fresh and compelling perspective that demonstrates the inseparability of political and material culture and significantly enriches the growing literature on the history of propaganda in the PRC.”

Sigrid Schmalzer, Twentieth Century China

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“This book will be of great interest to students of the Mao years focusing on both intellectual history and popular culture…I see in Ho’s book a new perspective on the dense enmeshment of the political and popular culture of the time; the book shows how the objects and narratives involved in exhibition mattered both for politics and for individual curators and visitors.”

Leksa Lee, The PRC History Review

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“Written from a unique vantage point, namely, how revolution was curated to make itself successful at the local and grass-roots level in the Mao-era, the book unfolds the myth behind Mao’s continuous revolution.  It is in this sense that it has brought new light to the field of modern Chinese history and studies of the Cultural Revolution.”

Lei Ping, New Books Asia

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